Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Im sitting there thinking "what the f@#k is wrong with you?!"

Photo # One - Tayla and I while "skuxx hunting" ;) lolol.
Photo # Two - Acting awesome or something similar.

Hi guys. As you have probably realised im not the best at keeping things up to date, more of a "i'll do it later" type of human. And later is never a set time frame so I've noticed, which is quite weird :o Anyway, this week was a "shoot me with a cross bow" marathon :/ fml. A whole tonne of reality bricks threw themselves at me concerning my screwed up life, lol. IM good at ruining things without intentions to, walking tragedy :/ But walking on the greener grass side of things, a decision has been made about my future mathematics aspirations, yosssss. I will go absolutely nuts trying to achieve the end of year exams, and hopefully get into Yr 13 Calculus :) Fingers crossed. PLUS:- a big fat shout out to Tayla, Djana, Kristen and Courtney who have happily accepted me into their friendship circle thingy things, lol. You'se are champs. Well till next time homies, next time xx