Monday, December 06, 2010

Monday 6th December - 2010

This picture has no relevance to my rant of a post, sorry lol.
Kelsey, what the hell is wrong with you?! I swear to fucking God, you just mess shit up with your fat mouth. Misreading everything pepole say to you, then BANG! "Oh hey, I think I like you." Saying shit like that based on one thought of appreciation. "Oh wow, he's tall. I think I like him" "Hey you, tall guy - yeah I pretty much like you" GEEEEEEEEEEZ. Sort your shit out girl, before you kill something - probably yourself >:(

Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday 29th November - 2010

Hi guys, pehea ana ratou ? Haha, thought Id chuck abit of Maori greatness in the mix ;)
As you can see I've recieved my School I.D FOR Naenae College maybe i dunno . . . 6 months late :/ Better than never I suppose, lol. When I saw the envelope in the mailbox, I had instant thoughts of throwing it in the rubbish just to save myself the dissapointment of yet another UGALY id photo, rahh. But that wouldve been a waste, so I decided to open it. Im happy I did, cos MAAAAAAAAAN - that is one of the best ID photos of me - ever! lolol. Not too sound too proud or nothing, but sheesh! It so good compared to previous ones :D dahahaha. I hope your as excited about it as I am, I doubt it though :L Good times + Goodbye x

Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday 26th November - 2010

Lien half the drowning, lol.
Woosing out, lol. I was supposed to jump off first.
Courtney - Underwater camera's, capturing great facials since ages ago lol. Me and Courtney at Birdie Park.
Saving Lien from the depths of the ocean ;) Hero or what?! lol
BEST DAY TODAY! Abit of late organizing, but it happened and thats what matters :) lol. Went to Petone Wharf with 2 of my good friends, Lien and Courtney. We originally planned to have a feed, but ended up acting on impulse and jumping off the wharf in our clothes lol. Pretty much ruthless, I know ;) haha jks. Lien was wearing jeans and a shirt, which made her sink lool - I was in a skirt and singlet, and ill leave it at that :O When our minor act of ruthlessness concluded, we thought we'd compliment our "status" with the MAJOR act of ruthlessness doom, haha. (im so intense with all my mad words, lol.) We walked along the Esplanade and through Petone soaking wet, messy hair, dry skin, panda eyes and a yellow Pak N Save bag, we even jumped on the bus wet too, lolol. Ooooh, I dont think I've mentioned our "Daytripper" bus pass have I? Well, because we had to bus to Petone and back, Lien came up with a bright idea - buy a $9 bus ticket which allows the catching of any bus, to any place, anytime of the day it is purchased :O Wow right ? haha. So we caught maybe 3 or 4 different buses exploring the streets and streetwalkers in Lower Hutt, observant is bliss. So yes, that was my day of awesomeness - well bits of it, lol. Enjoy guys, late x

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday 25th November - 2010

Haha, this is my little sister, and as you can probably see, she's a tad unordinary lol. Because Im finding it hard to breath and laugh and type at the same time, I am gonna conclude the post for today, *gasping for air* lol.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednsday 24th November - 2010

This my m,darlin' followers is Josh :) He's the nicest, talented-ist, best hairdo-ist, funniest, tallest, studliest, brownest, stylishist, cleverist, mathematicalist boy Ive ever met. I know half of those words arent even applicable in the dictionary, but I swear - he deserves his own cos I could go on and on hahaha. But I wont, cos then it'll probably seem as If I Like him or something ;) lol.
Haha P.S - I noticed I stuffed the dates up in my previous post :L Couldnt help but laugh, haha.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday 15th November 2010

My Mum and I Me and my sisters, Sinead and Pharyn.
Piripi and I - End of Year Prizegiving.Just chillin'
So SUMMARISING these past 2 weeks I've;
- Journeyed on up to Hamilton for my Dad's 40th Birthday.
- Dyed my hair red.
- Finished school for 2010.
- Had end of year Prizegiving for school.
- Recieved my Prefects Badge.
- Seen my brother, sisters and Mum after 5 months.
Thats it for now folks, you come on back now ya hear? x

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

2nd November 2010 - Tuesday

Photo one: My Dad and my Younger brother in them good ol' days. I love you two xo

Today is my Dad's 40th birthday :)
For the whole of my 16 years, he has bought me expensive clothes, fed me probably 70 kgs of teeth-rotting lollies, yelled at me for saying "puck", squished flies with the best sound effects EVER and been there for me without hesitation.
Dad, I just wanna say - I love and miss you with all my heart, and I WILL make you proud one day. Wish you were her xo

Monday, November 01, 2010

1st November 2010 - Monday

Photo: Tayla, my best friend and I being dickheads, lol.
Mmm, this photo wasnt taken today but I really wanna try keep up with my new plan, so I thought this one would do just fine :) This is my Best Friend Tayla and myself wagging school, lol. (but you dont know that right?*wink*) She had to stay home and scrub her ceiling with a broom and cold soapy water, so I thought maybe Id join in on the rather odd school day job and help ease the load, lool. Overall it was a pretty good day, ended up going back to school 4th period and lunch then leaving 5th. So yes, thats about it homies, see you again soon x

Sunday, October 31, 2010

31st October 2010 - Sunday.

Photo: Parading around in my $3 skirt and $4 blazer, bargain or what?! haha. Excuse my tree trunks we all know as legs lol.

Okay Okay, first things first; I AM FULL OF SHIT and I ADMIT IT! I thought my 'post daily' would be my key to commitment, but sadly I was proved wrong :/ lool. So Im sorry for the great number of people (yeah right, lol) that had confidence in me to do what I said I would do, but I WILL try and keep it updated daily. And if that doesnt happen, ill try to at least update this thing weekly! Better then nothing I suppose :) Good stuff, good stuff.

SOO, here's another bright idea that I've come up with, lets hope I can keep up with this one lol. Im thinking I'll display my photographic geniusness and post a picture I've taken that day, everyday. -AND maybe if I can be bothered I'll give a lil yack about it ? Can I get a amen?! AMEN, lolol. So there it is folk, my so-called bright idea. Wish me luck and maybe I'll suceed x

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feelin' like a commitment beast

My younger cousin wippacha-ing boredom to Mars, lol.
Realisation; NZ teens like myself have real different ways of speaking and using words to express themselves compared to teens from the UK or USA and all them high-up places :/ It may just be because im such a horie speaker who knows how to destroy older boys with insults of Dooooom, lol but im addressing this topic in a "general" sort've way. So I follow quite a few foreign people's blogs and I must say - the way they use words is so funny :L just seeing or reading rather the words they melt together into a worded masterpiece is so unique and different and COOOOOL :) lol. Big ups to you guys.


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow, as the title of this post suggests -I am feeling absolutely monster-ish right now. If I keep this "daily post" gizmo up, im gonna be friggin' godzilla at the end of next month ;) raaaaaaah, lol. So in other news folks, I had a pretty average day. But I guess thats whats expected on a dreary, stuck inside day :/ (another) but, being taught to entertain myself since the days of ancient cellphones - I hatched a plan to make lifes artificial sunshine for the satisfaction of my happiness. This plan consisted of beating the apparently intelligent computer at solitare, hearts AND freecell :o another reason to feel like a absolute beeeeast, lol. Thats not all folks, I threw in a somewhat flop of a self photo-taking marathon, haha. I ruined my hair, and tried to cover it up by carefully applying red lipstick. Let me tell you :/ red lipstick doesnt give your tragic hair any justice, lol. Photos of the weather worked out a lot more successful, whch deserves a big ups :) Alot of eating occured too, like any usual day. Cheezels, Apples, Strawberry jam on toast, noodles, carrot and yoghurt, lime cordial ? mmmm, what id give to shove that in my mouth once again hahaha! so yeah, tommorow I have a awesome post lined up - im trying to build the excitemnt without actually letting the big suprise slip ;) hahaha! So yes, be prepared for tommorow my dear followers - it shall be a shabang of a post. Well at least in my booooooks :L hope your anticipation has blown its rooftop off :) lol. Happy day/night tweeties xo

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The boy who cried nametag.

Hello, hello, hellllllllllo.
I love Spongebob Squarepants, the inspiration for the title of this here post. He is the cutest, funniest, underwater-dwelling sponge Ive ever watched every day for 30 minutes ever, haha. Anyway, so far today has beeen . . lets say bland. Its the first week of the school holidays, im grounded and the stupid weather isnt slappin' a good ol' smile on my dial, SML. But because Im not the kind to stay unhappy for long, I decided to keep up with my "era of update" and download new songs for my ipod. Kolohe Kai, Rebel Souljahz, Cee-Lo, Christina Aguliera and a bit of Little River Band, keeping my musical lifeline frecky frecky FRESH lol. Anyway, I havent taken any photos today, so i've tempted myself and put up one of the greatest apple crumble I've ever tasted. EVER! The bakery I bought it from is actually owned by the parents of one of my good friends, Lien. So Lien, if your reading this tell your Momma and Pops that the way they cook them little beauties is beyond champion lol. So yes, thats about all folks. Thanks for reading, and come right on back next time ya hear ? haha. Good day to you :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shit, Im feeling really negligent looking at my blog :/

So I've decided to start all over.

After this, I will post something, anything, bullcrap even to my blog everyday. I'll even try make my life appeal more to whoever, with the help of my Handy-dandy Camera - chachingg, lol.
Till tommorow pipsies x

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Im sitting there thinking "what the f@#k is wrong with you?!"

Photo # One - Tayla and I while "skuxx hunting" ;) lolol.
Photo # Two - Acting awesome or something similar.

Hi guys. As you have probably realised im not the best at keeping things up to date, more of a "i'll do it later" type of human. And later is never a set time frame so I've noticed, which is quite weird :o Anyway, this week was a "shoot me with a cross bow" marathon :/ fml. A whole tonne of reality bricks threw themselves at me concerning my screwed up life, lol. IM good at ruining things without intentions to, walking tragedy :/ But walking on the greener grass side of things, a decision has been made about my future mathematics aspirations, yosssss. I will go absolutely nuts trying to achieve the end of year exams, and hopefully get into Yr 13 Calculus :) Fingers crossed. PLUS:- a big fat shout out to Tayla, Djana, Kristen and Courtney who have happily accepted me into their friendship circle thingy things, lol. You'se are champs. Well till next time homies, next time xx

Thursday, June 10, 2010

wow, your funny.

My oh my, long time none post chillibuns. These past 2-3 have been somewhat crazy magic. I've actually moved from one of three major cities in NZ to another, but let's not get into detail at this moment. Wellington compared to Auckland is somewhat different, yet quite similar. Schooling is gold - Easy yet effective learning, nice friendly people and a handful of honey's ;) hell yes, lol. The weather :O Hows about, wake up to walk to school and your toes are purple by the time you get around the corner - FRIZZIN. Well, not much else to mention - BUUUT, will try and keep this thing updated. Wish me luck peggy, over + out xo

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My feelings for you are restless.
They never quit reminding me about you.
Worry not little beauties, Im not gonna forget.

Smile of the day

Phone rings, I answer, then:
Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss You, night!

I love your block ways darlang xx

Dreamboat 4 life.

I wish someone would carve an ice sculpture for me, lol.

I wanna be a bus driver when I grow up....

Thought Id capture a brilliant scene while waiting for the bus.. which may I add, was 2 and a half hours late :/ Does the relevance of time not apply to bus drivers ? Gahh. Anyway, Today was pretty rubbish, in more trouble, way behind in Itech and we've finished watching Pride and Prejudice in english, fml. CBF with this bullshit anymore, the holidays need to hurry up. Till next time ye faithful followers xx

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello there sugarplums. How are we all today ? First thing; On my way to school, I saw the sickest truck on the block! Was similar to the picture above, so unexplainably perfect. So thanks to the 8:30 traffic along Wairau Rd, I have a very clear idea on what I want to be driving in the near future (: So I've experienced another successful attempt to defy the school rules without being detected to put on my CV of mischief. Waltzed out of the school grounds early, missing Maths, Science and ITech. Am I a rebel or what ? lol. Aaaaanyway, Im aimlessly staring out the window waiting for something extraordinary to grab my attention. Maybe a 3 legged, 4 eyed, 7 toed chicken this time ? Hmm, would be a sight. My imagination has been running wild today, I could've wrote a new disney fairytale in 7 minutes tops, or a new storyline for Shortland Street even, ha. I have so much more shit to blog about, but dont know where to start. So I'll just leave it for a more sensible time because quite frankly, I cbf. But somewhere along the line I will be motivated, eventually. Late homie gee dog's xx

Monday, May 17, 2010

unappreciated until recently, FML!

Subjects of my thoughts over these past 2 days.
I should probably go and cry now,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Haylee is so pretty, Cor is so muscleless..

1 year, 8 months, 5 days ago . .
We all like like clowns, ha.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

If only everyone thought like this.

Curiosity injured the dog, but suspicion killed it.

There's a fine line between being curious and suspicious.
Be sure of the difference, or you'll kill something - probably yourself.

The fact of the matter is..

-Ignorance is bliss . . until you gain 5kgs.
Dont eat a packet of Timtams twice a week expecting to be lighter.
-Ignorance is bliss . . until you end up despising him.
Dont hold on expecting him to be the same forever.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Equations from the heart....

3(3x + 2) = x + 7
.9x + 6 = x + 7 // times 3 with the #'s inside the bracket.
.9x = x + 7 - 6 // Minus then move the 6 over
.9x = x + 1 // Minus then move the x over
.8x = 1 // Divide 8x by 8
.8x divided by 8 = x // x must equal ...
.x = 1 over 8 // Final answer :)

I love you xx

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Circa December 09.
After a long summers day work, my younger siblings and I decided to dance crazy into the early stages of the evening. Our koro was trying to fix the tractor and all he could do was laugh at my little brother, Tiaan, doing the "nutgrabber" kmu. I dunno where he gets it from, meathead xx

Monday, May 10, 2010

D.I.Y playlist sharing

Howdy followers (excluding myself, lol) Nothing worth blogging about today folks, so thought Id give a brief mention of my current music yays, splendid. I've actually noticed on fellow bloggers "blogs", that it is possible to actually upload a playlist of songs for people to hear. A good creation I must say, but until I master that particular trade you'll have to bare with me :) And to anyone that is anxiously anticipating the arrival of the holidays, 7 weeks lovelys. Special note: R.I.P Taz xx So music, anticipation for holidays and a minute of silence for a gog of champion - At ease soldiers.

- Need You Bad, Jazmine Sullivan.
- Slow Motion, Karina Pasian.
- Tears from my eyes, UB40.
- Mr Sun, Sammy J.
- You Are, The Commodores.
- Anyone else but you, The Moldy Peaches.
- Single, Lil Wayne.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

I think its time we take a trip....

First picture (from the top): By far the most well behaved my fringe has been.
Second picture: I love how it looks as though I have dimples, splendid (:
Third picture: I always knew I could pull off the ninjah look, lol!
Fourth picture: Little brother thought he was the coolest with his muscles, lol.
Fifth picture: Little brother + sister say "eew you ugly dick!" lol.

Today I was to knuckle down and get on with my study after not even attempting to open my school bag to retrieve my text books and what not. BUT, like the previous day, I actually had no interest in any of it and gave up. But I suppose thats why schools created 30 minute form times, thanks guys (: Anyway, just lounged about all day, had brief encounters with the neighbours AND had a rather splendid catch up with my good friend, Mr Webcam. Here's our best moments, hope they appeals to you as they do to me xx PS - Hadn't heard from my boyfriend which got me a tad sad. Turns out he pulled off an impressive 12hr xbox session with a friend of his. Hi 5 block :( xx

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Zero Tolerance for nonsense, back up punk!

Well, the party began last night, thanks for the heads up. Actually had to drag myself everywhere (i.e fridge, pantry, bed) I needed to go. Sickness has the baddest timing, you could've waited till Monday morning :/ Piss off with your bullshit now, please. ANYWAY, Im on the homework overload boat this w/e. Missing most of the school week was a good idea. That was until I realized I had assessments everyday I missed and none on the days I actually attended. SOO had to pull off the biggest sick excuse of the week. What did I say about bad timing? Uuugh. Fortunately I was given compassionate consideration by Mr High and Mighty Year 12 Dean, in exchange for my rather sad real excuse :/ But it worked, so Yay. But yes, homework, spontaneous belts of body-numbing pain AND the constant need to keep my mouth shut for the satisfaction of my mum, this w/e is bound to be a mission. One more note; Big thanks to my first follower, Nessar! Splendid to be in your acquaintance beautiful xx And to any other souls who wish to be acquainted, do just that. Be not afraid dears, follow follow follow :) xx

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

To fly is to dream - I object!

One of the many photographs that makes me have a fit of happy laughter, spoon lol. I Love you she declares to the cute maori boy that wont admit he is just that xxx

It is adamant to happen

NEWS; tickets are booked and finalised. Nelson here I come (: Feeling rather ecstatic at this point, anxious to finally see my boyfriend after so long :* I love love love you block.

Let my intentions be known.

Hello pups (: I, Kelsey Herewini, have no apparent reason as to why I have become of the "blogging" community, righto. So here's to future blogposts, whether boring, random or plain weird. I hereby swear on late night sandwhiches that I will not once, delete a blog I've posted. I will NOT! Good evening New Zealand, Good morning Spain xx