Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feelin' like a commitment beast

My younger cousin wippacha-ing boredom to Mars, lol.
Realisation; NZ teens like myself have real different ways of speaking and using words to express themselves compared to teens from the UK or USA and all them high-up places :/ It may just be because im such a horie speaker who knows how to destroy older boys with insults of Dooooom, lol but im addressing this topic in a "general" sort've way. So I follow quite a few foreign people's blogs and I must say - the way they use words is so funny :L just seeing or reading rather the words they melt together into a worded masterpiece is so unique and different and COOOOOL :) lol. Big ups to you guys.


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow, as the title of this post suggests -I am feeling absolutely monster-ish right now. If I keep this "daily post" gizmo up, im gonna be friggin' godzilla at the end of next month ;) raaaaaaah, lol. So in other news folks, I had a pretty average day. But I guess thats whats expected on a dreary, stuck inside day :/ (another) but, being taught to entertain myself since the days of ancient cellphones - I hatched a plan to make lifes artificial sunshine for the satisfaction of my happiness. This plan consisted of beating the apparently intelligent computer at solitare, hearts AND freecell :o another reason to feel like a absolute beeeeast, lol. Thats not all folks, I threw in a somewhat flop of a self photo-taking marathon, haha. I ruined my hair, and tried to cover it up by carefully applying red lipstick. Let me tell you :/ red lipstick doesnt give your tragic hair any justice, lol. Photos of the weather worked out a lot more successful, whch deserves a big ups :) Alot of eating occured too, like any usual day. Cheezels, Apples, Strawberry jam on toast, noodles, carrot and yoghurt, lime cordial ? mmmm, what id give to shove that in my mouth once again hahaha! so yeah, tommorow I have a awesome post lined up - im trying to build the excitemnt without actually letting the big suprise slip ;) hahaha! So yes, be prepared for tommorow my dear followers - it shall be a shabang of a post. Well at least in my booooooks :L hope your anticipation has blown its rooftop off :) lol. Happy day/night tweeties xo

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The boy who cried nametag.

Hello, hello, hellllllllllo.
I love Spongebob Squarepants, the inspiration for the title of this here post. He is the cutest, funniest, underwater-dwelling sponge Ive ever watched every day for 30 minutes ever, haha. Anyway, so far today has beeen . . lets say bland. Its the first week of the school holidays, im grounded and the stupid weather isnt slappin' a good ol' smile on my dial, SML. But because Im not the kind to stay unhappy for long, I decided to keep up with my "era of update" and download new songs for my ipod. Kolohe Kai, Rebel Souljahz, Cee-Lo, Christina Aguliera and a bit of Little River Band, keeping my musical lifeline frecky frecky FRESH lol. Anyway, I havent taken any photos today, so i've tempted myself and put up one of the greatest apple crumble I've ever tasted. EVER! The bakery I bought it from is actually owned by the parents of one of my good friends, Lien. So Lien, if your reading this tell your Momma and Pops that the way they cook them little beauties is beyond champion lol. So yes, thats about all folks. Thanks for reading, and come right on back next time ya hear ? haha. Good day to you :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shit, Im feeling really negligent looking at my blog :/

So I've decided to start all over.

After this, I will post something, anything, bullcrap even to my blog everyday. I'll even try make my life appeal more to whoever, with the help of my Handy-dandy Camera - chachingg, lol.
Till tommorow pipsies x