Sunday, October 31, 2010

31st October 2010 - Sunday.

Photo: Parading around in my $3 skirt and $4 blazer, bargain or what?! haha. Excuse my tree trunks we all know as legs lol.

Okay Okay, first things first; I AM FULL OF SHIT and I ADMIT IT! I thought my 'post daily' would be my key to commitment, but sadly I was proved wrong :/ lool. So Im sorry for the great number of people (yeah right, lol) that had confidence in me to do what I said I would do, but I WILL try and keep it updated daily. And if that doesnt happen, ill try to at least update this thing weekly! Better then nothing I suppose :) Good stuff, good stuff.

SOO, here's another bright idea that I've come up with, lets hope I can keep up with this one lol. Im thinking I'll display my photographic geniusness and post a picture I've taken that day, everyday. -AND maybe if I can be bothered I'll give a lil yack about it ? Can I get a amen?! AMEN, lolol. So there it is folk, my so-called bright idea. Wish me luck and maybe I'll suceed x