Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feelin' like a commitment beast

My younger cousin wippacha-ing boredom to Mars, lol.
Realisation; NZ teens like myself have real different ways of speaking and using words to express themselves compared to teens from the UK or USA and all them high-up places :/ It may just be because im such a horie speaker who knows how to destroy older boys with insults of Dooooom, lol but im addressing this topic in a "general" sort've way. So I follow quite a few foreign people's blogs and I must say - the way they use words is so funny :L just seeing or reading rather the words they melt together into a worded masterpiece is so unique and different and COOOOOL :) lol. Big ups to you guys.


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow, as the title of this post suggests -I am feeling absolutely monster-ish right now. If I keep this "daily post" gizmo up, im gonna be friggin' godzilla at the end of next month ;) raaaaaaah, lol. So in other news folks, I had a pretty average day. But I guess thats whats expected on a dreary, stuck inside day :/ (another) but, being taught to entertain myself since the days of ancient cellphones - I hatched a plan to make lifes artificial sunshine for the satisfaction of my happiness. This plan consisted of beating the apparently intelligent computer at solitare, hearts AND freecell :o another reason to feel like a absolute beeeeast, lol. Thats not all folks, I threw in a somewhat flop of a self photo-taking marathon, haha. I ruined my hair, and tried to cover it up by carefully applying red lipstick. Let me tell you :/ red lipstick doesnt give your tragic hair any justice, lol. Photos of the weather worked out a lot more successful, whch deserves a big ups :) Alot of eating occured too, like any usual day. Cheezels, Apples, Strawberry jam on toast, noodles, carrot and yoghurt, lime cordial ? mmmm, what id give to shove that in my mouth once again hahaha! so yeah, tommorow I have a awesome post lined up - im trying to build the excitemnt without actually letting the big suprise slip ;) hahaha! So yes, be prepared for tommorow my dear followers - it shall be a shabang of a post. Well at least in my booooooks :L hope your anticipation has blown its rooftop off :) lol. Happy day/night tweeties xo

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