Tuesday, November 02, 2010

2nd November 2010 - Tuesday

Photo one: My Dad and my Younger brother in them good ol' days. I love you two xo

Today is my Dad's 40th birthday :)
For the whole of my 16 years, he has bought me expensive clothes, fed me probably 70 kgs of teeth-rotting lollies, yelled at me for saying "puck", squished flies with the best sound effects EVER and been there for me without hesitation.
Dad, I just wanna say - I love and miss you with all my heart, and I WILL make you proud one day. Wish you were her xo


  1. Nawwww Kels!

    Happy Birthday Uncle xoxo

    i admire you a whole freaking lot aye cousin, like for real. your so beautiful! i miss you so much, and hope your all doing well xoxoxo

    and again, Happy Birthday Uncle Hone! xoxo