Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday 29th November - 2010

Hi guys, pehea ana ratou ? Haha, thought Id chuck abit of Maori greatness in the mix ;)
As you can see I've recieved my School I.D FOR Naenae College maybe i dunno . . . 6 months late :/ Better than never I suppose, lol. When I saw the envelope in the mailbox, I had instant thoughts of throwing it in the rubbish just to save myself the dissapointment of yet another UGALY id photo, rahh. But that wouldve been a waste, so I decided to open it. Im happy I did, cos MAAAAAAAAAN - that is one of the best ID photos of me - ever! lolol. Not too sound too proud or nothing, but sheesh! It so good compared to previous ones :D dahahaha. I hope your as excited about it as I am, I doubt it though :L Good times + Goodbye x

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  1. I don't think I ever liked a single picture of myself on any of my IDs-- drivers license, college or high school. Oh well. ♥