Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday 26th November - 2010

Lien half the drowning, lol.
Woosing out, lol. I was supposed to jump off first.
Courtney - Underwater camera's, capturing great facials since ages ago lol. Me and Courtney at Birdie Park.
Saving Lien from the depths of the ocean ;) Hero or what?! lol
BEST DAY TODAY! Abit of late organizing, but it happened and thats what matters :) lol. Went to Petone Wharf with 2 of my good friends, Lien and Courtney. We originally planned to have a feed, but ended up acting on impulse and jumping off the wharf in our clothes lol. Pretty much ruthless, I know ;) haha jks. Lien was wearing jeans and a shirt, which made her sink lool - I was in a skirt and singlet, and ill leave it at that :O When our minor act of ruthlessness concluded, we thought we'd compliment our "status" with the MAJOR act of ruthlessness doom, haha. (im so intense with all my mad words, lol.) We walked along the Esplanade and through Petone soaking wet, messy hair, dry skin, panda eyes and a yellow Pak N Save bag, we even jumped on the bus wet too, lolol. Ooooh, I dont think I've mentioned our "Daytripper" bus pass have I? Well, because we had to bus to Petone and back, Lien came up with a bright idea - buy a $9 bus ticket which allows the catching of any bus, to any place, anytime of the day it is purchased :O Wow right ? haha. So we caught maybe 3 or 4 different buses exploring the streets and streetwalkers in Lower Hutt, observant is bliss. So yes, that was my day of awesomeness - well bits of it, lol. Enjoy guys, late x


  1. ^ I AGREE.
    this post really made me giggle.
    i love genuine photographs :)

    love <3


  2. haha, these are cute pictures :)

    sounds like a fun day!