Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello there sugarplums. How are we all today ? First thing; On my way to school, I saw the sickest truck on the block! Was similar to the picture above, so unexplainably perfect. So thanks to the 8:30 traffic along Wairau Rd, I have a very clear idea on what I want to be driving in the near future (: So I've experienced another successful attempt to defy the school rules without being detected to put on my CV of mischief. Waltzed out of the school grounds early, missing Maths, Science and ITech. Am I a rebel or what ? lol. Aaaaanyway, Im aimlessly staring out the window waiting for something extraordinary to grab my attention. Maybe a 3 legged, 4 eyed, 7 toed chicken this time ? Hmm, would be a sight. My imagination has been running wild today, I could've wrote a new disney fairytale in 7 minutes tops, or a new storyline for Shortland Street even, ha. I have so much more shit to blog about, but dont know where to start. So I'll just leave it for a more sensible time because quite frankly, I cbf. But somewhere along the line I will be motivated, eventually. Late homie gee dog's xx

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