Sunday, May 09, 2010

I think its time we take a trip....

First picture (from the top): By far the most well behaved my fringe has been.
Second picture: I love how it looks as though I have dimples, splendid (:
Third picture: I always knew I could pull off the ninjah look, lol!
Fourth picture: Little brother thought he was the coolest with his muscles, lol.
Fifth picture: Little brother + sister say "eew you ugly dick!" lol.

Today I was to knuckle down and get on with my study after not even attempting to open my school bag to retrieve my text books and what not. BUT, like the previous day, I actually had no interest in any of it and gave up. But I suppose thats why schools created 30 minute form times, thanks guys (: Anyway, just lounged about all day, had brief encounters with the neighbours AND had a rather splendid catch up with my good friend, Mr Webcam. Here's our best moments, hope they appeals to you as they do to me xx PS - Hadn't heard from my boyfriend which got me a tad sad. Turns out he pulled off an impressive 12hr xbox session with a friend of his. Hi 5 block :( xx

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