Thursday, May 06, 2010

Zero Tolerance for nonsense, back up punk!

Well, the party began last night, thanks for the heads up. Actually had to drag myself everywhere (i.e fridge, pantry, bed) I needed to go. Sickness has the baddest timing, you could've waited till Monday morning :/ Piss off with your bullshit now, please. ANYWAY, Im on the homework overload boat this w/e. Missing most of the school week was a good idea. That was until I realized I had assessments everyday I missed and none on the days I actually attended. SOO had to pull off the biggest sick excuse of the week. What did I say about bad timing? Uuugh. Fortunately I was given compassionate consideration by Mr High and Mighty Year 12 Dean, in exchange for my rather sad real excuse :/ But it worked, so Yay. But yes, homework, spontaneous belts of body-numbing pain AND the constant need to keep my mouth shut for the satisfaction of my mum, this w/e is bound to be a mission. One more note; Big thanks to my first follower, Nessar! Splendid to be in your acquaintance beautiful xx And to any other souls who wish to be acquainted, do just that. Be not afraid dears, follow follow follow :) xx

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